Data analytics strategy session

Practical advice and data insights

Become a Data-Driven Decision Maker

Most businesses gather data from a number of different systems and channels.  Integrating that data and knowing what to do with it, can often be time consuming and complex.

Would your business benefit from having access to all of its data from one single point?  Doing so would allow you to understand your customers to drive more revenue, find out where the bottlenecks are in your operations and reduce costs, or improve your marketing ROI.

If you are currently working on or thinking of progressing your data strategy and don’t know where to begin, datazuum can help cut through the complexities, and craft a data strategy that won’t gather dust on the shelf, but can be deployed to deliver immediate business value.

We will hold a FREE DATA STRATEGY scoping session with your teams.  Our process follows five easy steps:

Step 1 – We start with a review of your business, to understand where you are today, how you got there, and where you want to be in the future.

Step 2 – How you want to measure your business – understand your key business metrics/ KPIs

Step 3 – Which data is needed to drive your measures

Step 4 – Which BI & Analytics tools you are using and / or might need to use to accomplish your goals

Step 5 – Any barriers to change that may be uncovered to unblock the beginning of your data journey

We have found that no more than 2 to 3 hours of your time is required to support these kinds of session.

What Happens After the Session?

We will provide you with a BI & Analytics document to present the opportunities for optimising your business performance, and your projected return on investment.

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