Analytics strategy

Analytics strategy

End DATA confusion
Ensure the success of the BI initiative
Get ‘buy in’ from stakeholders
Establish governance
Outline the expected benefits
Assist in creating the Business Case(s)
Outline a plan for implementation

The purpose of the analytics strategy is to assess your current state, and advise you based on your business needs on what your analytics future will look like and how to get there.

Analytics strategy ensures that there’s one approach to all data and decision making goals across the entire organisation. It aligns data initiatives with business strategy, gets buy-in from people who hold sway and enables business and technical partners to work in synergy. It also assures standardisation of tools and technology across organisation.

We work quickly and collaboratively with stakeholders, we look at your business and technology, and give you recommendations in these five areas:

  1. Business drivers and goals. We get to understand what you want to do from a business perspective: map out the benefits, what your goals and measures are, the decisions you need to make, and uncover the key business questions that you’re dying to know the answers to!
  2. BI and analytical maturity. We will assess what part of the BI journey your organisation is on. This will enable us to prepare the strategy accordingly for you to become a true data driven business.
  3. Data governance. This is about making sure you have the right data of the right quality to support your business decisions. We look at people, policies and technology. With you we will establish who is responsible for the data, what policies guide collection and management of data, and what technology will support this.
  4. Resources & organisation. We advise how you can move from a limited BI function towards a BI centre of excellence. We look at the entire organisation to find suitable resources to build your BI team. We will also recommend specific skills required to fill in the gaps.
  5. Tools and technologies. We’ll also have a look under the hood to review your technology and data architecture, spot the gaps, and advise what needs improving.

Creating your analytics strategy can take as little as 15 – 20 days. It includes working with your stakeholders onsite to set the vision and create a compelling data-driven strategy. We provide you with a comprehensive document that plots out the overall program of delivery for transforming you into a data-driven organisation.

To start on your Analytics journey please give us a call on +44 (0)845 056 8753 to discuss your needs with one of our specialists.