Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing Company

How this company achieved savings of £400K annually

Our client was unable to produce their corporate scorecard in a timely manner for monthly board meetings. They couldn’t get accurate information regarding HR, finance, sales and operations. Data was everywhere, in different systems and formats, there were spreadsheets of data that were continuously updated, and results were produced with frequent errors.

Our challenge was to automate manual reporting, design a solution that would centralise data, empower business users with a self-service solution to enable timely decision making. Removing the dependency on technical teams to provide reports.


The highly profitable solution was delivered using an agile methodology:

  1. Analytics Strategy – Worked with key board members and the C-Suite to create the strategy based on their vision.
  2. User requirements – Gathered and analysed user requirements from across the business
  3. Vendor selection – Selected the right supporting BI tools (we’ve optimised the current tools, and selected and implemented the right technology (BI toolkit)
  4. Centralised and standardised the data (HR, Financial, Sales, Operations data) – Data Discovery, Data Governance, Information Architecture
  5. Implementation – Delivered a set of self-service dashboards to users (we delivered a consistent view of data from all the disparate systems, provided the business users with an interactive set of self-service dashboards.)
  6. User training and documentation


  • Saved £400K annually used on reviewing spreadsheets (interactive dashboards) – Users spent endless hours of their month logging in to multiple systems to run and format reports, as well as request IT personnel to run and format those reports for them. The cutting-edge dashboards updated results for each user instantly saving precious time and resources.
  • Instant visibility of the business – dashboards provided on-demand visibility and insight. The board were able to check progress, drill down to look at specific business issues and quickly able to respond to changing conditions.
  • Eliminate errors (single source of truth) – by standardising data from multiple sources into one managed source, and implementing data standards, completely eliminated data ridden excel reports.
  • Enabled quicker decision making (info at fingertips) – the advanced dashboards gave everyone in the company from the board to operational managers’ access to relevant business performance metrics, helping them tailor their behaviour and efforts towards stronger results for their clients.