Press Release: datazuum launches Data Science as a Service Offering

Press Release: datazuum launches Data Science as a Service Offering

Press Release: datazuum launches Data Science as a Service Offering

London, 6th November 2018

As companies look to machine learning to gain competitive advantage and increase productivity, the data strategy and analytics consultancy datazuum today unveiled a new Data Science Service to help clients accelerate their machine learning capabilities.

Drawing on the expertise of leading data architects, data scientists and data engineers, this much-needed service can provide both private and public sector businesses with access to the very best data science expertise, tools and technologies.

Samir Sharma, founder and CEO of datazuum, stated: “this is a very exciting initiative. Our new Data Science Service is dedicated to helping clients better understand their data and make machine learning an integral part of their businesses.  We want to empower internal teams with our new service, ensuring that they can achieve more within the time available.”

According to IBMs Quant Crunch Report: “data science is one area of the digital sector that is desperately short of talent. In fact, IBM thinks data science will account for 28% of all digital jobs by 2020”.  The report goes on to state that: “Machine learning, big data and data science skills are the most challenging to recruit for, and can potentially create the greatest disruption if not filled”.

“At the moment AI and Machine Learning are the hot topics”, said Sharma. “These are extremely powerful tools that can support and enhance innovation and productivity, however if the supply of these skills continues to lag behind demand, then many organisations risk becoming less competitive as a result.  Our new service looks to satisfy this demand by offering a team with the right skills, tools and technologies that will hit the ground running.  They provide clients with instant access to skilled data specialists equipped with machine learning expertise, adding real value to raw data.”

The Service begins with an initial workshop to help clients focus on their specific business priorities, understand their data, and then define short-term deliverables.  Following the workshop, the team ‘collects and connects’ the data, then tailors the machine learning algorithm to the specific objectives of the project.  As the algorithm develops through a series of iterations, feedback loops are set in place to allow clients to see the results.  Once completed, we apply the algorithm into the client’s business process, allowing the team to focus on further innovation.

This new Data Science Service offers clients a team and platform that can be scaled up and down dependent on how quickly they wish to innovate. Our data infrastructure is designed to supplement those of our clients and support them to build their own data science capability.

Sharma states “We know that innovative projects are often clouded by their own complexity, and low or intangible returns.  Our service is designed to increase business value and remove the uncertainty and risk from data science projects.  Our vision is to help build our clients’ data science capabilities empowering them to take control of their data and maximise their own potential.  Once we are done, our aim is ‘to transition out’ as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

About datazuum

datazuum is a data strategy and analytics consultancy, supporting their clients in three areas: 1) data strategy, 2) data management and 3) data science.  Their goal is to work with both private and public sector organisations, that are ambitious to use data to successfully transform their businesses.

datazuum offers achievable and realistic advice to help implement successful data strategies, ensuring that organisations reach their desired business outcomes. Providing clients with the clarity they need around their data.

datazuum’s team of senior data specialists each have an average of 20 years’ experience, with deep industry knowledge gained from supporting organisations with their data initiatives.

Organisations that datazuum has worked with include: The Military Mutual, Plan International, South Yorkshire Police, Humberside Police and Regis Mutual Management.

For more information contact datazuum on: 0845 056 8753 or