Data Architecture

Data Architecture

Structure to connect
Structure to store
Structure to cleanse
Structure to transform,
Structure to aggregate
Reduce complexity of systems

Data Architecture is the blueprint for the plumbing that brings all your data together. Typically, it provides a model of information about different systems in the organisation (ERP, CRM, etc.), and a plan of how to combine them to fulfil analytics requirements and ultimately enable (support) your decision making.

The approach our data architects follow is split into three distinct areas:

Work with you to define your requirements:

  • Initial assessments of your current and to-be states – business vision, goals, platforms and guiding principles
  • Identify the gaps from the initial assessment and define high-level data architecture options
  • Gather and define strategic requirements for integration and information
  • Create conceptual data models to identify how your business entities relate to each other

Work with you to create your data architecture

  • Define the approach and use of Data Definitions and Taxonomies to organise corporate data in a single way and make it useable
  • Definition of the Logical and Physical data models linking business requirements and systems needs
  • Assessment of the types of data sources and types e.g. structured / non-structured
  • Define the approach to data lineage from raw data to Information for analytics
  • Work with your Enterprise Architects to understand what capabilities are needed from products and vendors

Work with you to deliver your data architecture

  • Create a deployment plan to deliver the data architecture solution into your business
  • Implement the necessary policies, processes, procedures to support your analytics needs
  • Deliver a solid data architecture foundation that accommodates growth based on future business requirements

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