Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection

Independent advice and assistance
Knowledge of marketplace
Get evaluation of options
Complement your technology estate and save money
Transparent process for stakeholders

Evaluating and buying analytics technologies has become more and more difficult. With the landscape and technologies changing – which technologies, platforms, tools are the right ones that will fit your requirements and strategy. Usually, a single vendor cannot provide a system to do it all. Some systems look great for visualising your data, but don’t have the underlying tools that house or model the data. Do you choose cloud based systems or on premise tools or a hybrid of sorts?

Selecting the right tools and technologies requires investigating the marketplace, matching your requirements to tools and technologies, researching vendors, organising demonstrations and spending time on proof of concepts, and building the business case to support your requirements.

By using an independent consultant, who understands the marketplace, and is technology agnostic – we work with you to guide and advise how best your requirements can be met by the tools and technologies that are available. Present you with a clear list of options with well thought out evaluation criteria, and ensure we complement your technology estate and save you money on your investments. We ensure that the process is transparent to you and your stakeholders, and manage it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How our specialists help to match your requirements:

  1. Define your requirements and the functionality that you are looking for
  2. Define the acceptance criteria in business terms
  3. Create short-list of vendors that satisfy your functionality Invite vendors for live demonstration
  4. Perform a proof-of-concept (POC) – as a good mechanism to see how the tools work with real data
  5. Final presentations with the best technology vendors
  6. Negotiate with vendors
  7. Close the deal

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