Why your company needs a vision for data?

Why your company needs a vision for data?

Why your company needs a vision for data?

Why do you need a vision for data?

If we say the words “data vision” what comes to mind?

Let’s start with a definition first:

Vision: Concerned with what the organisation aspires to be, it’s purpose is to set out a view of the future to enthuse, gain commitment from and improve the performance of it’s workers (Johnson 2011)

Key words in that sentence:

  • Aspires – ambitions
  • Purpose – North Star
  • Future – what will it look like based on today
  • Enthuse – emotion
  • Commitment – dedication
  • Improve – make better
  • Performance – achievement
  • Workers – who benefits

Essentially, the vision poses the question: “Why do we care about data?”

The Data Vision should be an emotional statement defining the aspirational target for data.

So, here’s how we at datazuum go about creating a data vision for a client:

  1. Understand the company’s vision.
  2. Interviews / workshops with key stakeholders aligned with the “who” – as interactive as possible – post-it notes, etc.
  3. Create a high-level statement and iterate on it.


Your main goal is to ensure that the data vision helps the organisation get from where it is now to where it wants to go in the future. It enables your data and business teams to continue to grow the business and themselves while also being challenged.

It assists teams in understanding the benefits and being able to emotionally connect with and achieve the desired outcomes. Its simplicity should compel people to act.

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech always comes to mind because it outlined a vision, took people on a journey, outlined what the future would look like, and defined the type of leadership that was required of everyone.

What happens when there isn’t a data vision?

  1. People go off-piste
  2. Teams are less cohesive
  3. Leadership is rudderless
  4. Actions don’t get taken
  5. Achievement wanes

Simply put, your competitors keep moving while you do not, and your competitors will eventually win while you will crash!

Example: Netflix had a vision, Blockbuster didn’t!

If we say the words “data vision” what comes to mind?

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