Data Strategy Session

Practical advice and achievable outcomes

Companies with data strategies have grown by 50% compared to other organisations, according to a survey by Dell.  That’s the power of having a data strategy at the core of your business.

If you are currently working on, reviewing or thinking of creating your data strategy,  datazuum can help cut through the complexities, and craft a data strategy aligned with your business strategy, that can be deployed to deliver immediate business value.

We will hold a complementary DATA STRATEGY scoping session with your teams.  Our process follows five steps:

  • Step 1 – We start with a review of your business, to understand where you are today, how you got there, and where you want to be in the future.
  • Step 2 – Run through the results of a data capability assessment and where we see opportunities.
  • Step 3 – Using our our Decision Framework run through the top use case opportunities for your business.
  • Step 4 – Which data is needed to drive your objectives and goals.
  • Step 5 – Any barriers to change that may be uncovered to unblock your data journey.

We have found that no more than 90-minutes of your time is required to support these kinds of session.

What Happens After the Session?

We will provide you with a high-level document that presents the opportunities for optimising your investments in data.

To  book your session, please fill your details in the sign-up box, and we will be in touch.