We’re Totally Obsessed With Making You a Data Driven Competitor.

Each with an average of 20 years experience, our team of experts are well versed in all things “data”. We guide you every step of the way, help you avoid all the pitfalls of “boiling the ocean” of data, support you in taking the guesswork out of decision making, and make executing data strategies easier for you.

We work with technology and business departments in mid to large sized companies that need to save time, get faster results and want a professional opinion. We have a commitment to excellence and to our customers, and have proven techniques that are results driven while understanding your time pressures.  We provide clarity.

The following results were achieved by high-performing organisations and we outperformed way beyond their expectations!

  • Huge savings: £400K shaved off annual reporting costs
  • Ahead of the game: Predicted network disruption with savings of up to £1M in penalty fees
  • Achieved peak performance: Advanced customer segmentation boosted a tiny 2% conversion rate to a massive 42%
  • Laser focused: analytics enabled targeted campaigns which led to marketing spend being reduced by 23%
  • Imagine eliminating manual reporting – what would that do for your business? For one client it eliminated manual reporting and saved 50% employee time.

Now you can see why we are the go-to analytics ‘specialists’ so you don’t have to be. We have strategies that will take care of the hard part.  We’re passionate about data and it shows.


  • Data and Analytics DiagnosticNeed a fresh pair of eyes? Being able to quickly assess and improve your current data capabilities – we can take a look “under the hood” and assess whether you require a few tweaks to your existing capabilities or whether you need to change your strategy and what technologies you may require. Read more
  • Data and Analytics Strategy Swimming in loads of data and don’t know what to do with it? If you are struggling to get value from your data, and don’t know what to do with it, we can help.  We work with you to define what you would like to achieve with your organisations data, by creating and developing your Data and Analytics Strategy and Roadmap. Read more
  • Vendor selectionDon’t know which technology vendor is right for you? You may already have a strategy in place and need someone with an impartial viewpoint to select the right vendors, choose the right technology and tools that supports your needs. Read more
  • ImplementationDon’t have the right skills needed to successfully implement Data and Analytics into your organisation? We’ve found that some of our clients don’t have the right technical teams in place to develop and implement the technologies and tools.  We help them deliver the right capabilities against time pressures, that give them the clear benefits they are looking to fulfil. Read more
  • Data governance Is your data protected and organised across your organisation? Are you getting the right information to the right people at the right time? We’ll help you protect and share data across all different levels of your organisation. We’ll draft policies, enrol data stewards, create processes, rules and definitions that govern the management of your company data. Read more
  • Data architecture Don’t have the right plumbing in place to bring your data together? We help you integrate data across different systems to speed up the decision making process. We manage the integration of systems, processes, data and information. We bring data from all of your systems, store it in one place, manipulate raw data to standardise it, and then make it available to be consumed by the business. Read more


  • Ethical
  • Service based
  • Practical
  • Proven approach
  • Bespoke service
  • All senior staff
  • Current in data technologies
  • Technology agnostic
  • Multi-industry experience
  • Quick and collaborative
  • Excellent stakeholder management
  • Change Agents
  • Deadline conscious


Don’t know where to start?

Don’t know which technology is right for you?

Don’t have the right skills to implement analytics?

How does your data impact business performance?

Is your data protected and organised across your organisation?

Don’t have the right plumbing in place to bring data together?


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