Fractional Data Strategy Advisor

Practical advice and achievable outcomes


You’re here because you’re searching for answers to your specific data challenges:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about where to start with your data strategy.
  • You need to prioritise the creation of an effective data strategy that delivers results.
  • You are seeking to accelerate your data initiatives in a cost-effective manner.
  • You are not realising the expected value from your current data strategy.
  • You are concerned about investing in data capabilities without a clear return on investment.
  • You are seeking guidance for new data leadership.
  • You are looking for an advisor who can align your data strategy with your value creation plans.


Whatever challenges you are faced with, why not unlock the power of your data with our Fractional Data Strategy Advisory Service?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, unlocking the potential hidden within your data is no longer a choice—it’s a necessity for sustainable growth. At datazuum, we recognise that every organisation, regardless of size or industry, grapples with unique data challenges. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Samir Sharma, Your Fractional Data Strategy Advisor.

In addressing your challenges, Samir Sharma brings over two decades of expertise to guide you. When you choose Samir as your Fractional Data Strategy Advisor, you gain access to:

  • Expertise without the Complexity: Benefit from premium data strategy advice without the complexities of hiring a full-time Chief Data Officer (CDO).
  • Tailored Solutions: Explore our tiered solutions designed to fit your unique needs, regardless of your organization’s size.
  • Adaptive Support: Receive support that is perfectly aligned with your current stage of data strategy development.
  • Proven Success: Samir’s track record includes helping organizations of all sizes unlock their data potential and achieve tangible results.

Our Tiered Approach:

  1. Data Essentials Package: We start by working with you to understand your business strategy, mapping out your challenges and closing the gaps between the business ask and the ability to drive your strategy from various data points. This then leads to uncovering the capabilities that you are missing and creating an action plan as to how we will accelerate your growth. You can then opt to take up the Growth Catalyst Package or Enterprise Transformation Package based on your specific needs.
  2. Growth Catalyst Package: Supercharge your growth with ongoing support. This package includes a comprehensive data strategy plan with quarterly reviews, ideal for those looking to make swift progress.
  3. Enterprise Transformation Package: For a complete data transformation, we offer a partnership covering strategy, operating model, implementation, and technology.

Who is this service for?

Whether you’re a startup, a mid-sized company, or an established enterprise, this service can benefit you. It offers a cost-effective way to optimise your data strategy without the commitment of hiring a full-time data strategist.

Contact Samir Sharma and book a Discovery Call today by simply filing in the form at the top of this page.

What Our Clients Say

“We were looking for experts in enterprise data and analytics strategy that would approach its development from a business-first perspective and not a technology-first perspective.  Samir Sharma and his team was able to meet and exceed the expectations for the deliverables, including a culture assessment, vision development, use cases, roadmap, and operating model.

They were very easy to work with, and they drove great discussions among both our executive team and operational teams. The work they did has provided a lot of value and was instrumental in preparing us for the future. I would highly recommend their services and look forward to our continued partnership and success.”

Dominic Cavalco, Manager of Business Solutions
Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, and Metropolitan Chicago


With expert insight and knowledge, Samir Sharma played a full part in helping us modernise our approach to data management. Steering attention to the foundations of data management success, such as data governance, data architecture and data literacy; as well as what outputs we were looking for from platform modernisation. He had an instrumental influence on our data strategy.He was also hugely impactful in automating our regulatory reporting, ensuring our data was structured, cleansed and ready for presentation.”

Barry McNulty, Head of Analytics
Hyde Housing Group


“Over a four-month period, we had the privilege to collaborate with Samir Sharma and datazuum on the design, development, and documentation of our new operating model.

  • Samir’s understanding of our business requirements was excellent. He devoted time to understand the resources available, the maturity of our organisation, and the specific business outcomes driving our model.
  • His meticulous approach and deep domain expertise significantly contributed to the structuring of the Data Squads. He balanced speed and standards effectively, combining the best of centralised and decentralised data development methodologies.
  • He guided us through each phase of the process, ensuring our team felt supported and educated about each decision being made.
  • Samir was instrumental in ensuring Data Squads could build solutions while adhering to our enterprise-wide development methodologies, architectural designs, and governance processes.
  • Because of his efforts, we now have a method to assure consistent, high-quality data delivery across all departments. This will result in faster, more accurate decision-making processes, ultimately driving our efficiency and profitability.

I am extremely satisfied with Samir’s performance and look forward to continuing our collaboration. His exceptional contribution to the design and implementation of the Data Squads process will set a new standard for data excellence within Lowell.

I would highly recommend both datazuum and Samir to any organisation seeking to improve its data management capabilities. His commitment, industry knowledge, and ability to understand and align with business outcomes truly sets them apart.”

Robin Miller, Group Data Officer


“I had settled into my new role as a ‘Head of Data Science’ and realized that it would be helpful to develop a data strategy, with a plan to exploit the data to its full capacity. However, I didn’t know where to start. I engaged with Samir Sharma and datazuum to start off the process and they were able to give an independent assessment of data maturity with a thorough plan on how to exploit our data assets.

Samir’s approach to developing our data strategy was to understand the business strategy and challenges the business faced and then develop plans on how data can help with these objectives. It was refreshing to have a consultancy that looked at the underlying business issues rather than delve straight into the IT solutions.”

Colleen Spence, Head of Data Science
Sedgwick International UK